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It is indisputable that one of the scarcest ideals in Africa is democracy-at least according to the western understanding of it. However, it is not doom and gloom, for there lies an oasis in St. Joseph’s S.S.S. Naggalama. This ray of hope is confirmed every year in this land of greatness through the free and fair electoral process.
This process has enabled the rise of numerous cabinets, for example; Martin-Margie, Stephen-Rachael, Daniel-Louise, Victor-Joan and the recently retired Adrian-Charity cabinet. The latter began their one–year term of office on 27 July, 2017 and ended it in a memorable handover ceremony that took place on 1st August, 2018, ushering in the new brooms- the Ivan-Jovia cabinet.
The handover ceremony commenced with mass led by Msgr. Richard Kayondo, the chairman Board of Governors. The celestial hymns of the Adrian-Charity cabinet animated the session. Then came the anticipated swearing in ceremony. All the candidates were required to take the oath of allegiance, oath of student leadership and the oath of Judicature for members of the court bench. The chairman board of governors declared to them; “If you abide by the oath you have taken, you will become the salt and the light of this school.”
Very few of us would suppress the welling emotions as the Adrian-Charity cabinet presented a skit in deep gratitude towards the electorate.
The cabinet is going to be furnished with numerous privileges, inter alia, the magnificent prefect suite and co-operation from the students. They are, however challenged with maintaining the state-of-the art Prince of Peace Dormitory and the sports arena that includes a new swimming pool. Irrefutably, they will make it due to their uniqueness. They have started their term of office on our mother’s birth date and she declared to them: “Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect.”
This offers lessons for the whole world to emulate. Long live Naggalama Democracy.
By Mpindi Percy Christopher. 6A


 Head Girl and Head Boy taking an oath

 Other members of the Ivan-Jovia cabinet take the oath

 A section of the new cabinet with the H/M, C/Man BOG & the Sch. Chaplain


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