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Academic Programs
Naggalama follows the curriculum preset by the Ministry of Education for secondary schools. All subjects are compulsory in S.1 and S.2 whereas some are optional at S.3. At A-Level, students are admitted for the subjects for which they will have excelled at UCE and in which their future career lies. Students are not allowed to change combinations without permission from the academic office.
  Compulsory Subjects   Optional Subjects
  English   Commerce
  CRE   Agriculture
  History   French / Luganda
  Geography   Music
  Mathematics   Computer Studies
  Biology   Literature in English
  Chemistry   Fine Art
  Combinations/Options (Arts)   Combinations/Options (Sciences)
  Literature, Economic, Divinity   Physics, Economics, Art
  History, Economics, Divinity   Physics, Economics, Math
  Math, Economics, Geography   Biology, Economics, Math
  History, Economics, Geography   Biology, Chemistry, Math
  History, Economics, Literature   Physics, Chemistry, Math
  Geography, Economics, Art   Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  Literature, Economics, Geography   Biology, Chemistry, Agriculture
  Divinity, Economics, Geography    
  History, Entreprenuership, Geography    
  Geography, Luganda, Art    
  History, Divinity, Literature    
  History, Economics, Luganda    
  Math, Economics, Art    
   Math, Entreprenuership, Art    
  Submath is compulsory for all students taking Economics while Sub-ICT is mandatory for students whose combinations do not have Economics
School Facilities
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