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The expansion of St. Joseph’s S.S.S. Naggalama is unstoppable!!

Capacity building is the jargon of and at St. Joseph’s S.S.S. Naggalama. We don’t just build for the future, we even build for now.

On 16th March, three days to the actual date of 19th March when St. Joseph’s S.S.S. Naggalama celebrated her Saint’s day, there was an ironic blend of pomp and humility.

This eventful Saturday was a day God and the school authorities had appointed to pause, reflect on and then have a befitting celebration of the fruits of relentless hardworking through the golden year 2018-2019. We thank the good Lord for his bounties!!

For the newly arrived at the school, this was a breath-taking treat. For the oldies it was yet another golden achievement. The 2018 scores UCE and UACE that placed St. Joseph’s S.S.S. Naggalama in the enviable national position 8th. This indeed was a cause to celebrate, a cause to remember and emulate the school’s guardian saint-St. Joseph for his hard work as a carpenter. No wonder the school is always building, building on and on, six days a week throughout the year, in the spirit of capacity building. We walked the talk-the school mission of providing a conducive environment for optimum or excellent performance.

All and sundry were here on 16th March. Almighty God gave the day a big nod with the finest weather ever experienced here, the veins went on holiday, a mild sunshine gave the characteristic warm weather Ugandans famed for.

The clergy struck the keynote mood of the, the celebrative mood. Our beloved Lord Bishop, Christopher Kakooza in his homily and message to the audience underscored the importance of music. He happily took the congregation to the scripture story of David playing the harp to the king on the king’s request, whenever the king was stressed and angry. Music mellows our anger. Music cheers up the dispirited, just as William Shakespeare squarely put it, “if music is to be the food of love, give me some more”.
The school was on this day scoring three goals with one shot!
• The Bishop blessed the golden dining hall-an impeccable clean shiny storeyed-state of the art dining hall. Some people mistook it for some branch of Serena hotel away from!
• The headmistress acknowledged the stellar performance of some teachers who helped take the school to another level-G8 (Greater or top 8 schools in the country). The chairman’s call to St. Joseph’s SSS Naggalama to always produce a knock-out result is indeed taking root. on this day we celebrated out-right knockouts by some students scoring 8 in best 8 in UCE and others all the 20 points in UACE.
• The Bishop shortly after his terse and precise made the audience give him a standing ovation when he launched the school brass and jazz bands in style-it were a launch by example-he cooly moved to take his place at the bass drum. He struck the drum with a difference-at an experienced old hand the beats were gently telegraphic and appealing.
St. Joseph’s SSS day-16th March edition rolled on to a grand climax with a hearty, plentiful eating that lasted for 4 hours. The dining later wound up with wining which lasted to the wee hour of the night. Where there is eating and wining music and dance had to happen.
Trust the experienced appetites and tested-stamina of the seasoned staff of the school every eatable and drinkable was annihilated after the far-away guests had gone to roost. Legs and feet oiled greased by drinks each dancer chose the convenient style of dancing.

By Amatre James

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