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In the academic race for several years running St. Joseph has been steady fast and resilient.
She has kept her lane and the lead among the G10 or so (great 10) schools in the country both in UCE and UACE.

At home, in Mukono District, St. Joseph’s SSS Naggalama has persistently sprinted ahead of others often taking the first three positions.

The jostling for positions locally here is great among the competing subjects. The drawing and redrawing of lines at school here is strategic and breathtaking. This is for maintaining and posting of improved national performance.

She has increased the number of her frontline soldiers at ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels (219) and 120 respectively. But this has not in any way comprised its percentage pass. In 2018 it posted a record percentage of 94.5% in spite of doubling the number of candidates at UCE. 2018 UACE results have not disappointed any stake holder at all. Most subjects were ranked between 1st and 10th country wide. For example History was 1st and Literature in English was 1st while Biology was the 3rd best performed. The majority of the subjects scored an average of the principal B and C. Two students scooped the star scores (total points) of 20 points in 2018 UACE. While at ‘O’ level we had students huffing the roof with 8 in best eight subjects.

The soaring performance is attributed to several prevailing factors. The culture of passing has taken roof in the school. Students are becoming increasingly self-driven.
• The learning environment enhances optimum learning and performance.
• The school’s excellent, ultra-modern infrastructure promotes effectiveness and accords the student’s great opportunity for putting their best foot forward for a knock out performance.
• A precedence has been set- ‘you pass because others have passed before’. The feeling among students is that at Naggalama one must excel by all means. It is by hook that they often to excel.
• The board, the parents, the teachers and old students act as source of inspiration to the students.
• They (students) feel it is their obligation to make the school proud of them by giving their all.
• The core value of the school of being god fearing, guides and earns them God’s blessing in all their endeavors.

Disciplined we succeed

By Amatre James

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