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History of Performance

St. Joseph's Senoir Secondary Naggalama is among the top schools in Uganda. In 2010 we were the best 8 at UCE (New Vision February 7/2010) and 8th at UACE (The Observer, Thursday 10/03/2012). In 2011 we were the 11th best at UCE. The New Vision of January 27th 2013 rank us in the 12th position for the last 10 years at UCE. Below is a detailed grid for performance history grouped by year, subjects and best students.

 History of performance
(a) The tabulation below shows a summary of the trend of performance of the school at ‘O’ level for the last five years

The tabulation below shows a summary of the trend

Year 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
1st Grade 170 199 141 207 208
2nd Grade 5 17 0 12 08
3rd Grade 0 0 0 0 0
% 97.1 92 100 94.5 96.3

U.C.E. 2019 Performance:
The 2019 U.C.E results were excellent. We presented 216 candidates for the 2019 U.C.E examinations of whom 208 scored quality first grade and 8 students scored second grade which translated into 96.29%. Our school was rated the 3rd best Academic Giant in the country. Our school average performance was 19.99 as reflected in the Saturday Vision of 1st February 2020.
In terms of the total number of students who scored the much coveted 8 aggregates in the 8 best done subjects, our school took the first position in the country, having tied with Iganga SSS and St. Mary’s SSS Kitende. We are the only three schools that had four students scoring aggregate 8 in the country. These results are a real knock-out. To all stakeholders, congratulations!

We recognise the outstanding performance of the four students, each of whom scored aggregate 8 in the 8 best done subjects. The juxtaposition of their U.C.E and P.L.E results in the table below is a clear indication of our high value addition.

No. Name PLE

Aggregate in best

8 subjects (U.C.E)

1 Kamoti Timothy 7 8 1
2 Ouma Denis Mark 8 8 1
3 Nankabirwa Shanitah 7 8 1
4 Magembe Joseph 5 8 1

The table below shows how some of our departments performed nationally as reflected by the comprehensive subject performance analysis.

No. Subject National ranking
1 Biology 3rd
2 Geography 4th
3 Agriculture 5th
4 English language 6th
5 Computer Studies (ICT) 6th
6 Chemistry 8th
7 Mathematics 16th
8 Physics 19th

(b) U.A.C.E. 2019 Performance:


The tabulation below shows a summary of class average performance of the school at ‘A’ level for the last 5 years
  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
3P 2S 63 57 62 59 100
3P 1S 04 14 26 19 12
3P 0S 00 00 01 06 00
2P 3S 08 11 05 03 06
2P 2S 03 04 09 02 02
2P 1S     02 01 00
Others 00 04 05 02 02
Total 80 90 110 92 122
%age For university intake at least 2 P’s 97.5 95.5 95.6 97.8 98.4

U.A.C.E 2019
Our performance at “A” level was also good. We presented 87 students for the 2019 U.A.C.E examinations, out of whom 99% obtained the requisite two principal passes to qualify for University entry. Our best candidates; Mbolwa Timothy obtained the much coveted 20 points followed by Emmanuel Kizito Finbar who obtained 19 points.
The class average performance stood at 13.43. Both the Daily Monitor and the New Vision Newspapers of Friday, 28th February 2020 ranked our school as the 12th best in the 2019 U.A.C.E. examinations nationally.

The best candidates in the 2019 U.A.C.E. examinations were
1 Mbolwa Timothy James L 20
2 Kizito Finbar Emmanuel L 19
3 Nabongho Passy 18
4 Odere Andrew Emmanuel 18
5 Aluka Mary 18
6 Babirye Sheba Balisanyuka 18

U.C.E. 2018 Performance
We presented a total of 219 candidates for the 2018 U.C.E. examinations of whom 207 scored quality first grades while 12 scored second grades which translated into 94.5% first grades.
This excellent performance which placed us in the 8th position among the National Academic Giants as observed in The Daily Monitor of Thursday 1st February 2019. The New Vision of Friday 1st February 2019 ranked our

school as Number 1 in Mukono District by first grade scores.
We are particularly grateful to God because St. Joseph's Senior Secondary School Naggalama is among the few top schools which produced the top performing candidates in the country. Wabweni Brian and Mwebaza Joshua scored the much coveted aggregate 8 in the 8 best done subjects.
A comprehensive analysis of performance conducted by the New Vision Education Analyst indicated that our school registered outstanding performance in the whole country by ranking Computer Science 2nd overall, followed by Biology in the 6th position, Physics was ranked the 9th and Chemistry the 16th, to mention but a few. This is excellent performance.


A table showing some of the top performers in the 2018 U.C.E, including their PLE grades at entry point
No. Name Aggregate in best 8 Division P.L.E
1 Mwebaza Joshua 8 1 7
2 Wabweni Brian 8 1 7
3 Nyaiti Francis Muwoya 8 1 7
4 Bwambale Daniel 9 1 7
5 Kisembo Joseph 10 1 8
6 Mugeni Ivan 10 1 6
7 Mugenyi John Kennedy 10 1 7
8 Olando Edward 10 1 7
9 Oyapel Daniel 10 1 8

The class average stood at 21.9 aggregates which is an equivalent of a distinction 2.5 per subject per student.

(b) U.A.C.E. 2018 Performance

We presented 122 candidates all of whom obtained the requisite two principal passes to qualify for university entry. Our best candidates; Namugaya Maureen PCB/SM and Basajjankonge Simon Peter PCM/1CT scored the maximum 20 points. Namugaya Maureen is among the three students who got an A in Biology in the whole country and she is among the only three students who got 20 points from (PCB/Sub. Maths) she also scored the highest weight for admission into the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at Makerere University. These best candidates were followed by a couple of others with 19, 18 and 17 points to mention but a few.

The Sunday Vision of 3rd March 2019, ranked our school the best in Literature in English and History in the country. These were followed by Biology where we were the 3rd best in performance, Physics was ranked the 20th, Mathematics was ranked 24th while Chemistry was ranked 26th to mention but a few.

The table below shows some of the highfliers
No Name Combination Score at UCE Score at UACE
1 Namugaya Maureen PCB/SM 8 20
2 Basajjankonge Simon Peter PCM/ICT 8 20
3 Moni Justin PEM/ICT 21 19
4 Tayebwa David Brandon HEA/ICT 34 19
5 Leku Davis PCM/ICT 21 19
6 Mpindi Percy Christopher HEL/SM 14 19
7 Mutesi Christine HED/SM 27 19
8 Muhindo Bernard Junior PCM/ICT 23 19
9 Kamukama Darius HEL/SM 30 18
10 Drichiru Catherine LED/SM 34 18
11 Nabirye Christine HEL/SM 25 18
13 Kiberu Luther Christopher PCB/SM 15 17
14 Okumu Desirerius Opendi BCM/ICT 13 17

 Public University Admissions on National Merit 2019/2020

Our improved performance in U.A.C.E. results of 2018 translated into increased numbers of candidates who were admitted to public universities on government sponsorship. Some of these are:

Public University Admissions on National Merit 2019/2020
No. Name Course
1 Namugaya Maureen Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
2 Basajjankonge Simon Peter Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Building Engineering
3 Kiberu Luther Christopher Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
4 Namulondo Allen Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
5 Namuli Angella Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
6 Moni Justine Bachelor of Economics and Statistics
7 Byakika Kevin Bachelor of Science in Agro-business
8 Ihunde Rebecca Bachelor of Food Processing Technology
9 Leku Davis Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
10 Ekasiba Peter Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
11 Yoti Celine Suubi Bachelor of Sports Science
12 Mpindi Percy Bachelor of Laws
13 Nabirye Christine Bachelor of Arts in Drama and Film
14 Muhindo Junior Bernard Bachelor of mechatronics and Bio-medical engineering
15 Mutesi Christine Bachelor of Arts in Economics
16 Sabila Raymond Bachelor of Animal Production and Management
17 Tayebwa David Brandon Bachelor of Business Computing (MUBS)
18 Okumu Desiderius Opendi Bachelor of Biomedical Laboratory Technology
19 Drichiru Catherine Bachelor of Social work and Social Administration
20 Kamukama Darius Bachelor of Social work and Social Administration

We thank God that our improved performance in Biology where we were the 3rd in the whole country enabled our school to enrol five students to public universities for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

Our performance in the Science subjects greatly improved. We congratulate all our 2018 candidates upon this excellent performance and for having won our school pride and all the stakeholders upon this profound achievement.

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