St. Joseph's S.S.S Naggalama  


Annual General Meeting

1. Introduction

The Chairperson of the Parents-Teachers’ Association, P.T.A. Executive members, members of Class Committees, dear parents, guardians and professional colleagues, I am happy to welcome you to this year’s Annual General Meeting which also doubles as the Visitation day whose main purpose is to check on the academic progress of our students.

We thank God for His protection and benevolence which has enabled us to meet once again since 3rd July 2022. In the academic and financial year under review, the school operated consistent academic programmes after a return to normalcy from the deadly COVID-19 pandemic and its adverse effects on the standard and smooth operation of institutions. We conducted the three normal terms as scheduled by the Ministry of Education and Sports.

We have worked devotedly and industriously to excel in all our spheres of endeavour by striving to produce outstanding results despite the fact that we had been hit by the devastating effects of COVID – 19. We thank God who made it possible for us to post stellar performance in the U.C.E and U.A.C.E examinations.
We are happy to have met all our set targets and implemented our laid strategies which is majorly attributed to God’s intervention, our meticulous planning, commitment and collective effort.
We would like to express our immense gratitude to you for financing all our programmes and attending the scheduled school programmes namely: career meetings, class committee meetings, Music Dance and Drama competitions, St. Joseph’s Day celebrations, to mention but a few.

“Total Commitment to Excellent Performance” is the theme which is guiding all the activities of our school this year. The theme is an embodiment of all the major goals and aspirations to which we commit ourselves in all the areas of pedagogy and integral formation.

The Lugazi Diocesan theme for the current and last year has remained: “Let us march on strengthened in the Lord”

2. The Current P.T.A. Executive and Class Committee Members (2023):

A. PTA Executive:

1. Mrs. Josephine Akellot Ocama - Chairperson - 0772 619 334
2. Mr. Christopher Kironde - Vice Chairperson - 0712 950 839
3. Eng. Benedict Njuki - Member - 0772 407 576
4. Ms. Nakasolya Rosemary - Member - 0775 621 616
5. Mrs. Agnes Nsubuga - HM/Secretary - 0772 426 942
6. Mr. Vinansio Amone - Minute Recorder - 0772 326 303



B. Class Committee Members:

S.1 Executive Committee
1. Dr. Okurut Joseph - Chairperson - 0772 244 747
2. Ms. Nalweyiso Olivia Mary - Vice Chairperson - 0788 331 777
3. Mr. Oyet Godfrey Jomo - Secretary - 0777 367 393
4. Mr. Kintu Robert M.J - Treasure - 0752 460 354
5. Mrs. Gloria Katuleebe - Member - 0776 975 027
6. Mr. CPA Makubo Fred - Member - 0781 544 466
7. Ms. Mbayo Suzan - Member - 0782 645 885
8. Hon. Fred Baseke - Member - 0772 934 577
9. Dr. Peace B. Tumuheki - Member - 0775 855 550

S.2 Executive Committee (2023)
1. Mr. Charles Amolo Omoding - Chairperson - 0772 383 875
2. Mrs. Kavuma Evelyn Nantume Member - 0772 970 008
3. Ms. Sussie B. Mukiibi - Member - 0772 200 723
4. Ms. Ndagire Jesica - Member - 0772 630 775

S.3 Executive Committee (2023)
1. Mrs. Edith Ntege - Chairperson - 0772 457 265
2. Mr. Katumba James - V/ Chairperson - 0772 093 578
3. Mr. Balitema Moses - Treasurer - 0782 878424
4. Ms. Mwase Winnie - Secretary - 0701 616 324 / 0772 616 324
5. Mr. Wanyama Ronald - Member - 0703 879 851
6. Mrs. Tebekkanya Lydia - Member - 0772 587 822

7. Mr. Kalumba Yusuf Kasule - Member - 0700 611 324
8. Mr. Musuga George - Member - 0755 416 098
9. Dr. Kenneth Mugabe - Member -

10. Mr. Kiwalabye Francis - Member - 0705 555 870
11. Mrs. Bazanye Maria Nalunga - Member - 0750 573 447



S.4 Executive Committee (2023)
1. Ms. Naume Sikhoya - Chairperson - 0782 437 725
2. Ms. Irene Kharono - Treasurer - 0772 513 586
3. Ms. N. Owot Hanna - Secretary - 0772 400 657

S.5 Executive Committee (2023)

1. Mrs. Kakubya Mildred - Chairperson - 0772 428 367
2. Mr. Zirimenyya Louis - V/chairperson - 0772 405 046/ 0700 151315
3. Mrs. Kiggundu Daisy Nalunkuuma Treasurer - 0702 955 090
4. Mr. Nanyanga Pius Busera - Secretary - 0772 345 779/ 0759 540809
5. Mr. Mwangale Emmanuel - Member - 0703 154 322
6. Mrs. Musisi Lillian Namugambe Member - 0772 449 788/ 0704 449788
7. Ms. Betty Nernadette Amonyi Member - 0782 327 047
8. Ms. Mutebi Barbara - Member - 0772 491 075

S.6 Executive Committee 2023
1. Ms. Hanna N. Owot - Chairperson - 0772 400 657
2. Mr. Vincent Adude - Member - 0772 401 075
3. Mr. Richard Eyaru - Member - 0772 613 738
4. Ms. Mary N. Bakkabulindi - V/Chairperson - 0752 634 758
5. Ms. Hope Namalwa - Member - 0772 308 038
6. Ms. Kabahumuza Grace - Member - 0778 098 012 / 0706 636 570
7. Col. Joseph Onata - Treasurer - 0772 570 509 / 0703 643 334
8. Mr. Vincent Kinene - Member - 0772 426 025 / 0706 821 558

3. Obituary

We would like to express our deep condolences and sympathy to all members of St. Joseph's Senior Secondary School Naggalama fraternity who lost their dear ones. In a special way, we mourn the demise of Late Margaret Lakony; the mother of Lakony Hope S.5 B. Late Nabwami Catherine; the mother of Nabankema Lauryn and Nasejje Lynnette, the Late Kyeyago, the father of Kyeyago Vian, Late Okello George; the father of Lubangakene Peter. May the bereaved families be comforted by God and may the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in eternal peace.
We were also shocked and devastated by the death of our former S.6 student, Ofuono Caleb who sat for U.A.C.E. examinations in 2022. He suffered a cardiac arrest while riding a bike. He was laid to rest on Tuesday 14th March 2023 at Tororo. The school was effectively represented at the burial.

4. Notable achievements

(a) King Charles III: His links with Uganda

Our school’s name was profoundly projected internationally on the day of Coronation of King Charles III of England by conspicuously recognising it as one of his only two links in Uganda. This is because King Charles III who was then the Prince of Wales together with his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall visited St. Joseph’s Senior Secondary School Naggalama in 2007 during the Common Wealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). The Saturday Vision of 6th May 2023 published our school as one of the two links that King Charles III has in Uganda. We pride in this because it is the only school he visited in Uganda.

4.1 Curriculum Management.
All the students were effectively taught and sufficiently assessed as planned. Our candidates were thoroughly prepared for both U.C.E. and U.A.C.E. 2022 examinations so as to produce excellent results. The rest of the students have been returning home with their end of term report cards reflecting their Cumulative Performance.

The school continued to acquire more relevant teaching materials. Additionally, the parents of S.1 students were encouraged to buy text books for their children as a way of easing the implementation of the New Lower Secondary Curriculum. We thank you dear parents for your compliance.

4.2 Syllabi Coverage in the current candidate classes
The current syllabi coverage stands at approximately 94% and we are confident that by the end of Term II, we shall have covered the entire syllabi at both “O” and “A” levels. We shall dedicate third term and any other additional time to intensive revision and remedial teaching of some of the areas in the syllabi.
The teaching of the rest of the students is going on very well. We are probably among the few schools in this country where 100% of the lessons on the time are taught every week. We thank the teachers for their resilience, commitment and hardwork.
4.3 The New Lower Secondary Curriculum
We have continued to implement the New Lower Secondary Curriculum as required by the National Curriculum Development Centre, by adopting appropriate pedagogical approaches amidst the challenges of inadequate learning materials owing to the fact that they are not available on the open market. From all the consignments delivered by the Ministry of Education and Sports, we have been receiving only two teachers’ guides and five students hand books for each subject yet some of the books supplied have a challenge of their content being shallow. The school has therefore been compelled to purchase additional text books from the authorised publishers namely: New Vision – Publishers, Longhorn- Publishers, Fountain - Publishers, Oxford University Press - Gustro publishers, Baroque – Publishers (Uganda Ltd), St. Bernard and Elite - Publishers. We are consoled that the government has started delivering the S.3 text books. We thank the S.1 parents who secured an assortment of these books for their children on entry at a cost of Shs.325,000/=. We equally appeal to the rest of the parents to get copies of the relevant books for our children from the mentioned publishers.

We are happy to have educated our parents and furnished them with knowledge concerning the New Lower Secondly Curriculum during the S.1, S.2 and S.3 career meetings. We thank you for having attended in large numbers and Mr. Ayub Kalema Golooba is also appreciated for having made comprehensive presentations regarding this new curriculum.

The school has continued to implement the fully fledged Lower Secondary Curriculum (LSC) for S.1 and S.2 classes with considerable success. This required the school to change the whole classroom infrastructure to allow the students to sit facing each other so as to enhance discussions since teachers are now facilitators of learning. The report card landscape was also changed. In addition, the students are entailed to do projects in 2 subjects per term. Assessment is continuous and formative and is premised on the completion of each chapter in form of activities of integration. The outcome of this school - based assessment at the end of each chapter and in the projects will contribute 20% to the final grade in S.4. The UNEB summative assessment will constitute 80% to the final grade. Management

The Board has equipped the ICT laboratory with an additional 70 pieces of computers to enable the students to conduct research and make discoveries.

(b) Capacity building workshops, staff recalibration and teacher support supervision
A number of capacity building workshops have been held to train staff in the implementation of the New Lower Secondary Curriculum and more training is yet to be done because there is a lot to learn. Secondary Science and Mathematics for Teachers Programmes (SESEMAT) training was also conducted here at school for five days during Term I holidays of 2023 to retool teachers in handling the new curriculum.

(c) End of Term I Assessments
The end of term I assessments were administered in all classes and the results were issued to parents in the report cards. However, we deeply apologize to all parents for the delays in the issuance of these report cards at the end of term one, especially the Senior One and Senior Two parents. We experienced a technical glitch during the printing of these reports. We are in the process of sorting out this problem by adopting the best approach in the near future.

(d) Academic Seminars and Collective Learning
Different departments have been organising internal seminars which many schools have been attending in order to benefit from the prepared academic menu. Such departments include: History, Geography, English Language, Physics and Biology among others. The Chemistry and C.R.E seminars will take place on Saturday 30th September 2023 and Saturday 7th October 2023 respectively.

(e) U.C.E. RESULTS 2022

We presented a total of 302 candidates for the 2022 U.C.E. examinations of whom 290 scored quality first grade while 12 scored second grade which translated into 96% first grades. The best candidates appear in the table below.

Selected 2022 U.C.E. Results



No. Name Aggregate in best 8 Division PLE
1 Nabadda Doreen Patience 8 1 6
2 Auk Philip 8 1 10
3 Muwanguzi Samuel 8 1 11
4 Osuna Andrew Sydney 8 1 7
5 Oryema Patrick 9 1 7
6 Lusinde Collines Kirabo 9 1 11
7 Mayega Daniel 9 1 8
8 Kawooya Rodney Vincent 9 1 5
9 Nassuuna Pearl Daniella 10 1 6
10 Mpiindi David 10 1 8
11 Musalwa Graham Zephaniah 10 1 7
12 Mpagi Joseph Hope 10 1 7
13 Awor Amelia Lakony 10 1 7


We are happy that four of our U.C.E. candidates scored the much coveted aggregate 8 in the 8 best done subjects and three of them, Nabadda Doreen Patience, Auk Philip and Osuna Andrew Sydney came back for their Advanced Level Education.

We appreciate all our old students and their parents for the confidence they have in our school exhibited in their choice of St. Joseph's Senior Secondary School Naggalama for Advanced Level studies.

It is extremely rewarding that our school is among the ten best National Academic Giants in the country. Our school was ranked fourth at national level according to the U.C.E. results ranking of schools based on the percentage of first grade for the last five years, published by the New Vision of 4th February 2023.

(f) U.A.C.E. RESULTS 2022

We glorify God for the 2022 U.A.C.E. results which were equally enviably good. We presented 204 candidates and our best candidates Kalibbala Samuel and Lubangakene Peter Isaac scored the much coveted maximum 20 points. A summary of the highfliers is given below.

Top performing students: U.A.C.E results 2022

No. Name Combination Score at UACE Score at UCE
1 Kalibbala Samuel PEM/ICT 20 20
2 Lubangakene Peter Isaac PCM/ICT 20 18
3 Nassuuna Immaculate Emily PCB/SM 19 12
4 Nalwanga Regina DENTLUG/ICT 19 26
5 Busingye Bernard Grace BCM/ICT2 19 8
6 Magembe Joseph BCM/ICT2 19 8
7 Zziwa Makanga Joachim PCM/ICT2 19 13
8 Wanyana Alvine Quintos PCM/ICT2 19 14
9 Karungi Gillian HEG/SM3 19 21
10 Opira Markey GENTAGRIC/SM 19 20
11 Oyo Clifford BCM/ICT2 18 8
12 Muliika Elijah Rodney BCM/ICT2 18 9
13 Ouma Denis Mark BCM/ICT2 18 8
14 Nansamba Angel Fortunate BCM/ICT2 18 23
15 Mwaka Glory BCM/ICT2 18 9
16 Mukalazi Aiden MEG/ICT3 18 18
17 Muduku Anselm BCM/ICT2 18 22
18 Aijuka Ian BCM/ICT2 18 16
19 Ahabwe Courage Peter PEM/ICT2 18 24
20 Nakitende Christine PEM/ICT2 18 23
21 Lukabwe Douglas Mark HEG/SM 18 27
22 Magona Matthew Mahebe HEL/SM 18 29
23 Okuku Marvin John James HEG/SM 18 22
24 Namwangu Leah Florence HLD/ICT3 18 18
25 Aropet Marvin Odia LED/SM 18 20
26 Aliyinza Joy Mirembe HLD/ICT3 18 23
27 Nalubwama Kisaakye Laura HLD/ICT3 18 25
28 Sserubula Nasser HENTD/ICT3 18 26
29 Kigozi Aaron HED/SM 18 26

(g) 2022 National rankings by subject
The school is also making tremendous strides in academic excellence at subject level as reflected in the national ranking of performance per subject. The table below shows the national ranking of some subjects

No. Subject Position
1 Literature in English 1st
2 History 2nd
3 Computer Science 3rd

(h) Public University Admissions on National Merit 2023/2024
Makerere University admitted 32 students on government sponsorship to do professional courses while 11 students were admitted in other public universities on national merit. The admission of these 43 students made the school to be ranked the 7th overall in the whole country.

Public University Admissions on National Merit 2023/2024

No Name Course University
1 Kalibbala Samuel Bachelor Of Science In Civil Engineering Makerere
2 Lubangakene Peter Isaac Bachelor Of Science In Electrical Engineering Makerere
3 Wanyama Alvine Quintos Bachelor Of Science In Electrical Engineering Busitema
4 Nassuna Immaculate Emily Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery Makerere
5 Busingye Bernard Grace Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery Makerere
6 Magembe Joseph Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery Makerere
7 Oyo Clifford Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery Soroti
8 Mwaka Glory Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery Makerere
9 Ouma Denis Mark Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery Ggulu
10 Muliika Eliiah Rodney Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery Ggulu
11 Nansamba Angel Fortune Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery Mbarara
12 Nakanyike Belinda Bachelor Of Electronics And Computer Engineering Soroti
13 Nalwanga Regina Bachelor Of Guidance And Counselling (Bgd) Kyambogo
14 Karungi Gillian Bachelor Of Business Administration (Mubs) Makerere
15 Zziwa Makanga Joachim Bachelor Of Science In Mechanical Engineering Makerere
16 Muduku Anselm Bachelor Of Science In Food Science And Technology Makerere
17 Nakitende Christine Bachelor Of Computer Science Kabale
18 Okumu Marvin John James Bachelor Of Geographical Sciences Makerere
19 Lukabwe Douglas Mark Bachelor Of Geographical Sciences Makerere
20 Ahabwe Courage Peter Bachelor Of Science In Land Economics (Bld) Kyambogo
21 Aliyinza Joy Mirembe Bachelor Of Arts With Education Makerere
22 Mukalazi Aiden Bachelor Of Commerce (Mubs) Makerere
23 Aijuka Ian Bachelor Of Cytotechnology Makerere
24 Nalubwama Kisakye Laura Bachelor Of Laws Makerere
25 Namwangu Leah Florence Bachelor Of Leisure Events & Hotel Management Makerere
26 Odoi Bernard Bachelor Of Science In Food Science And Technology Makerere
27 Gola Humphrey Gabriel Bachelor Of Computer Science Kabale
28 Ssemusu Augustine Bachelor Of Library And Information Science Makerere
29 Odora Joerem Bachelor Of Science In Fisheries And
30 Samanya David Bachelor Of Science In Fisheries And Aquaculture Makerere
31 Nanjela Edwin Duncan Bachelor Of Science In Medical Radiography Makerere
32 Jjuuko Timothy Bachelor Of Science In Public Health MOM
33 Kayongo Nicholas Bachelor Of Veterinary Medicine Makerere
34 Mukimba Maria Annet Bachelor Of Science In Food Science And
35 Nyende Marvin David Bachelor Of Environmental Health Science MOM
36 Mukasa Ivan Okello Bachelor Of Library And Information Science Makerere
37 Nankabirwa Shanitah Bachelor Of Science In Medical Radiography Makerere
38 Apio Gloria Babirye Bachelor Of Science In Water Resources Engineering Busitema
39 Kitemu Mercy Bachelor Of Science In Agriculture Makerere
40 Namara Rodney Bachelor Of Science In Computer Science Lira
41 Nantume Grace Julia Bachelor Of Science In Biotechnology Makerere
42 Nansubuga Annet Fortunate Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management Kyambogo
43 Nambalirwa Benitah Bachelor Of Science In Biotechnology Makerere

It is important to note that the admission of 42 students to public Universities on national merit is the highest number so far and therefore a profound achievement.

(i) Better admission entry grades for S.1 and S.5 Students:
We are delighted for our improved trajectory in the entry grades of our S.1 and S.5 students as a result of our excellent performance reflected in the U.C.E. and U.A.C.E. results over the years. We now admit students with very good grades compared to the previous years. The selection process is also much easier to handle as the desired numbers are attained within three days. However, these days we become overwhelmed by the big number during the admission time. We treasure this attainment and believe that it is a consequence of the compacted trajectory of providing holistic education and improved academic performance consistently. We cannot take this for granted. We therefore thank you dear parents for always choosing our school and congratulate the enrolled students.

(j) Students discipline
The Board and staff have continued to promote exemplary discipline among the students which is yielding positive dividends. We engage our students in deliberate human formation programmes specifically crafted like: behavioral change programmes, intensive prayers, professional counselling, school parenting and effective mentoring programmes. The Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) which capture and store all the occurrences in form of footages are instrumental in boosting and monitoring discipline and enhancement of security in school. Despite our relentless effort and commitment to nurture refined students, as enshrined in our vision and mission statements as well as our core values, we still have elements of undisciplined students who breach school order but are dealt with firmly. The following are some of the vices which taint our good discipline: theft, carelessness with property, vandalizing school property, noise making, failure to write and keep notice, keeping large sums of money, among others.

(k) Human resource development and management
Retention and motivation of competent staff
We have maintained our revolutionalised staff who work assiduously, diligently and zealously to produce excellent results. The effective monitoring programmes ensure that those who exhibit loopholes are identified and corrected immediately before they go off track. Our plan is to retain these competent staff and facilitate them to continue working with high motivation and enthusiasm.
We appreciate them for producing the desirable results in all our spheres of life. We commend the Board of Governors for offering attractive and competitive salary.

More efforts are being made to constantly upgrade and recalibrate the competence of staff through in-service training. More than 95% of the staff are performing to the school’s expectations and meeting the set targets.

We recognize the contribution of our school chaplain; Rev. Fr. Vincent Wasswa in human formation among students and staff. His programmes and activities have helped both students and staff to grow spiritually and morally. He is equally appreciated for the immeasurable role he plays in promoting discipline in school through counselling.

(l) Our school is the champion of the National High School Crossfire Debate - 2022
Our school Debate Club won the much coveted trophy of the National High School Crossfire Debate after competing with 32 schools countrywide. The climax of this debate was on Monday 3rd October 2022, at the International East African University. We thank our participants for the spirited fight and for exhibiting rare debating skills, for which they were rewarded with special recognition and material gifts (medals, certificates and laptops).

(m) Lugazi Diocesan Church Music Festivals
Lugazi Diocesan Church Music Festivals for secondary schools were conducted on Friday 23rd June 2023, at Lugazi Cathedral. Our school choir was a mass choir of 357 students which performed outstandingly well with angelic voices using modern musical instruments. We appreciate them highly for this performance and they are to be awarded with an achievement party.

(n) Games and sports competitions
Our school participated in the Mukono District games and sports activities with the purpose of identifying the best teams to compete at national level. These games include: Football, Woodball, Netball, Volleyball and indoor games. We played up to the quarter finals and we have laid strategies to excel up to the national level.

Likewise, students are currently participating in the Inter-house games and sports competitions whose climax will be on the sports day scheduled for 5th August 2023. These games include: swimming, basketball, football, volleyball, netball, woodball, table tennis, chase, badminton, to mention but a few. The students are also engaged in aerobics every Sunday so as to keep healthy.

(o) Term I Catch-up programme
The Term One catch up programme was successfully conducted in the candidate classes and a lot of work and testing was done within that time. We continue to appeal to you for your support whenever we have such programmes because they consolidate our teaching which help our students to perform outstandingly.
(p) Educational trips and field tours
The S.4 and S.6 students went for educational trips at Kasenyi landing site to acquaint themselves with the economic activities that take place in the area as well as the challenges faced by the people at the site. Students of S.4 and S.3 went to Western Uganda for a Geography study tour. Both tours were successful and quite enriching. We thank you dear parents for having sponsored these excursions.
Dear parents, you are reminded that the school caters for all the students’ study trips with the exception of the Geography trip to Western Uganda. Do not be duped by our children to pay for such programmes. They are only required to pay the entrance fee which is not as much as what they usually ask you for.
(q) Mocks and other examinations
The candidates are being subjected to several sets of mock examinations. Our Pre-mock and Internal Mock examinations have been done and the results are available. We request you to support and guide our candidates.

(r) Career Meetings
We held successful career meetings for S.1, S.2, S.3, S.4, S.5 and S.6 students on Sunday 12th March 2023, Saturday 01st April 2023, Saturday 15th April 2023, Sunday 11th June 2023, Sunday 25th June 2023 and Sunday 16th July 2023 respectively. We thank the chairpersons of the class committees for having presided over these meetings and the facilitators, for their inspirational and confidence building talks. We thank you dear parents for having attended these meetings in big numbers.

(s) The Annual Academic Conference 2023
The Annual Academic Conference took place on Thursday 13th July 2023. The main objective of this conference was to make a retrospective analysis of the academic performance with a view to generating new ideas and setting new targets as a way of building a solid foundation for sustaining excellent performance.

It is also an opportunity for the students to air out their views and participate in the planning for the academic programmes of this school. All classes were represented through their elected delegates who ably articulated the issues and concerns of their respective classes. We thank the Guest Speaker, Professor Anthony Muwagga Mugagga for the wonderful and inspirational presentation.
We also thank the P.T.A representatives and Board of Governors for their invaluable contribution and their physical attendance.

(t) Academic Strategies for the Academic Year 2023
The Board set for us a departmental and subject target into 2022 and 2023, based on trend analysis of the previous five years. This has been the best blue-print to direct the course of academic in this school which we are committed to achieve so as to progress to the highest limit. This target eliminates generalities and guess work, sets clear time line and makes it easier to track progress and identify missed milestone. It compels everyone to execute their duties and achieve more. It is an embodiment of the five smart goals which are specific, measurable, achievable relevant and time bound to ensure that the intended objectives are obtainable within a yearly time flame. This target translates into a class average performance of aggregate 13 at U.C.E and at least 18 points at U.A.C.E depending on the subject combination. It is this quality which is aimed at making our performance unique. Dear parents, I would like to commit the whole school to work for the realisation of the set targets and we call upon you to support us in this noble.

5. Professional guidance and counselling.

Psychosocial services have been provided to our students through a number of counseling sessions which are organised, thanks to the P.T.A chairperson, Mrs. Josephine Akellot Ocama for the vital role she plays in this area. She equally prepares psychological assessment forms for the incoming students of S.1 and S.5 which are used by the counseling department and staff to obtain correct information and data from students which are used as a basis for providing appropriate psychological therapy where necessary.

The daily and routine counseling of students has continued, thanks to the school counselors, namely: Ms. Nantume Agnes Shana, Mr. Geofrey Talemwa and Ms. Akwero Vivian for the commendable wok they do.

6. Naggalama Old Students Association (NOSA) activities

Naggalama Old Students Association (NOSA) has been such a useful forum in identifying and unifying the old students. The Association will hold its Annual General Meeting Sunday 01st October 2023. The Old students will also hold their Annual Sports Gala on Saturday 29th July 2023 at our sports field.

7. Class Projects

A number of projects are still available for financing for the good of our children. Among others are the following:-

(i) Bakery projects
(ii) Tarmacking selected roads and paving walk-ways.
(iii) Installing more CCTV cameras in more strategic areas whenever deemed necessary
(iv) Modification of the Shalom Hall
(v) Furnishing the new dining hall and the new kitchen

We request you dear parents to consider the construction of a bakery so as to equip our children with the skills and knowledge of baking. This will also enabled them to eat fresh bans and bread.

8. Infrastructural Development

The Board of Governors has continued to commit funds and mobilise resources to construct modern structures which suit our current needs which include:

(i) The Board undertook the construction of a modern public water-borne facility with ten stances after conducting a needs assessment.

(ii) The work on the new girls’ dormitory commenced after signing a contract with HL Construction Ltd on 9th August 2022 using internally generated funds and a loan from Centenary Bank. The contract sum is Shs.10,576,750,078/= (VAT inclusive); the execution period is 24 calendar months and the completion date of work is 9th August 2024. The completion of this magnificent building will enable us modify the existing dormitories into spacious modern classrooms and laboratories to ease and support learning.

Reviewing the five year rolling development plan
The Board of Governors is going to conduct a special session to review the school’s five year rolling development plan whose implementation was overtaken by events due to the prolonged closure of schools for two years as a consequence of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

The following will be some of the consideration:
(i) The implementation of the New Lower Secondary Curriculum has also presented a need to change our classroom landscape which is going to be given priority.
(ii) Modification of the old boys’ dormitories by creating cubicles.
(iii) Tarmacking selected roads and walkways.
(iv) Constructing a modern classroom block and Science laboratories.
(v) Purchasing more classroom furniture.

9. Challenges

(i) The S.3 class still has some backlog of the S.2 work because of the piece-meal release of the learning materials by the National Curriculum Development Centre.

(ii) Moral decadency in society has continued to eroded the innocence of some of our children. This is abated by the electronic media which crafts software (apps) deliberately intended to damage the morals and proper upbringing of our children (Human formation).

(iii) Soaring prices of goods and services and the corresponding high cost of operation as a consequence of many taxes imposed on private schools and an economy which is struggling.

(iv) The risks of fire outbreaks, robbery and murder in schools are a real threat and extremely dangerous due to their associated detrimental effects. We therefore pray to God to keep us safe. Note that we are taking seriously the warning from Government to schools to be security alert because of the likely attacks.

(v) There is a lot of cough and flu among students and some staff members which is resistant to treatment.

(vi) Our S.1 students have been noted to be very careless with their personal property. They abandon their dirty clothes on the hang-lines after which they claim that they were stolen. These include: T-shirts, uniforms, sweaters, bed sheets, skirts, pairs of trousers and mattresses. You are therefore advised to encourage our children to be more responsible with their property. Please, desist from rushing to replace whatever they report lost or stolen. Others leave their bags all over the school compound.

(vii) We have observed with deep concern that a number of students are in the habit of abusing both the casual and the main school uniforms by wearing T-shirts, skirts and trousers bought from elsewhere rather than at school as officially recommended. Therefore, management has banned all these types of unofficial uniforms. We also request you to keenly observe the boys who are fond of reducing the size of their trousers and the girls who reduce the length of their skirts. This is unacceptable and any student proved guilty of this will be suspended for two weeks and subsequently be asked to replace the abused uniforms.

(viii) Some parents impose and dictate subject combinations to be taken by their children at Advanced level without considering the interests, ability and personality of their children.

(ix) The electronic cigarette is an electronic device that stimulates tobacco smoking. This has become a threat to schools since students can access it easily through online purchases. E-cigarettes are activated by taking a puff or pressing a button. These cigarettes take different forms such as pens, traditional cigarettes etc. Most kinds are re-usable.

(x) The challenge of misusing the whatsApp groups to promote some parents’ individual agendas and attack management and staff to satisfy their ego. While we appreciate the positive contribution of these whatsApp groups in enhancing timely communication and feedback, we decry their being misused.

10. Reversal of the ban of eats.

The school lifted the ban on snacks and soft drinks. This decision was made after management identifying reliable means of stamping out any kind of drugs from school. We therefore notify you and confirm that after thorough research and consultation, the school administration decided to adopt the use of sniffer dogs and other identified means to detect any form of drugs that may have been smuggled into school by any means. Dear parents, we call upon you to constantly remind your respective children and caution them against possession of any kind of drugs or any snack/ drink that falls in the category of drugs. You are advised to carefully scrutinise every snack/ drink that your children purchase to bring to school to ensure their safety. Please note that all types of cakes, cookies and cooked food are still prohibited.
Notwithstanding that the school lifted the ban on eats, you are reminded that they are only supposed to be brought to school on career days, visitation days, or other open school days like sports day or St. Joseph’s day. We strongly decry the habit of carrying any kind of snacks and drinks while coming to school to check on students’ progress. No parent is allowed to bring food to school at all times.
11. Farewell parties.

Both S.4 and S.6 students successfully held their farewell parties. The school met the entire cost of these parties. We thank Ms. Naume Sikhoya and professor Ponsiano Ocama for having presided over these functions as chief guests respectively and for the donations that they made to the S.4 and S.6 classes


12. Catholic Students’ Leadership Workshop

Lugazi Diocese has organized the 14th annual students’ leadership workshop scheduled to run from Friday 25th August 2023 to Tuesday 29th August 2023 at Namilyango College. Participants are requested to pay Shs.50,000/= only for the cost of running this programme. The purpose of this workshop is to equip the youths with leadership and administrative skills.

13. Farewell parties.

Both S.4 and S.6 students successfully held their farewell parties. The school met the entire cost of these parties. We thank Ms. Naume Sikhoya and professor Ponsiano Ocama for having presided over these functions as chief guests respectively and for the donations that they made to the S.4 and S.6 classes

14. Up-coming events of term II 2023

We wish to remind you of the following up-coming events of the term.

29th July 2023
NOSA Sports Gala

5th August 2023
Annual Sports Day

25th August 2023
End of Term II

25th - 29th August
Students Catholic Students’ Conference at Namilyango College

15. Marriage Silver Jubilee for the Nsubugas

The headmistress together with her husband celebrated their Marriage Silver Jubilee in a colorful ceremony on Saturday 27th August 2022. They express their profound gratitude to you dear parents for having contributed towards the purchase of the delicious and beautiful cake. They also thank the parents who attended this function.

16. Conclusion

We thank you dear parents for your selfless financial and moral support which enables us to successfully run the school. We are grateful to all the committee members who represent the rest of the parents. It is our determination to make sure that the children you have entrusted us with achieve their goals. We pledge to ensure that your children leave this school with excellent grades and when they have been holistically formed and groomed.

“Disciplined we Succeed”

Agnes Nsubuga (Mrs.)



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