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St Joseph's Day

School Brass Band welcomes the Bishop
14th March 2020 was a proxy day for celebrating our revered and cherished guardian day, 19th March 2020.
The week of preparation was indeed a bee hive because the expected standard of this annual day was upped. There was a cause to celebrate in style given the tremendous UCE and UACE performances.
The school had to give the lord his portion of this rich harvest. Glory be to God for always shining happily on St. Joseph`s S S Naggalama.
On the appointed day, the activities began with The Lord Bishop Emeritus being cordially received and welcomed by the big trio- the Vicar General, PTA chairperson and the headmistress.
The Lord Bishop Emeritus, Matthias Sekamanya inspected a guard of honour mounted by the patriotism club. A troupe of colourful St Mbaaga members presented a welcome dance.
The school gave the lord a great `thank you` for many blessings, for the gift of the guiding and guarding saint, the school expressed a profound gratitude to the Almighty God. The school remains equally indebted to the Lord Bishop for his love and everlasting spiritual guidance.
The chairman Board of Governors too deserved to be profoundly remembered for overseeing a school system that has continuously registered growth and development.
We were joined by our loving and dedicated parents to celebrate this day. They came from all walks of life, saw their efforts and financial commitments and academic success stories in their children and they smiled and continued to hope for greater things yet to come.
The Lord Bishop Emeritus reminded the school of her duty not only to give the children academic success but also prepare them for good marriage. This he emphasized in his homily.
The headmistress highlighted the high grades posted by our UCE and UACE candidates. They did the school proud by excelling in the national examinations and keeping our position among great schools in the country.
The 96.29% of the s4 students obtained first grades, putting the school at the comfort able position of being 3rd nationally. The school presented the largest number of students (4) with 8 in 8 best subjects’ country wide. Eight subjects were ranked between 3rd and 19th as the best done nationally. The A level students also presented a formidable performance where a student got 20 points.
In all this, the school has also been guided and inspired by the theme “Sustaining excellent performance to bear fruit that will last is a collective responsibility.” The school has endeavoured to give students all round quality education.
As the day wore on, the festive mood set in with a hearty sumptuous meal in which there was course after course. One only needed a willing partner and an excellent appetite to match the served food. Trust the young appetites, they were at it. They set about this food very faithfully.
In between came the dancing spree. It served its purpose, digested all the chicken and stuff that was tucked away at lunch time.
The beer, spirits and wine flowed paving way for the barbeque. By sundown, the eyelids were half fallen and the elated members on the dancing floor pounded the floor, varied many strokes available to them at their various ages.
Shortly after midnight the dancing hall was gaping- members had trailed home one by one unannounced.
Thanks to the funders and organisers, another eventful day has gone into the archives of St Joseph’s SS Naggalama.
Disciplined we succeed and
Disciplined we do our things.


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