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2022 UCE: Stellar Performance

BEST S4 Students
St Joseph`s Naggalama 2022 UCE Candidates have done the family proud. Once again we have kept to the mark-producing the results whose fruits will last.
We have steadfastly running on our lane of academic excellence among national academic giants-being ranked fourth countrywide is no mean achievement. Passing with such flying colors has become our culture, curtsey the strategic plans we often put in place to yield these enviable golden results.
St Joseph` Naggalama has also joined the club of schools that sit big numbers. Instant hiding only weak students we sat our 302 students as one candidature and had 290 passing in first division and only 12 in division 2. Soon we will pest 100% division. Once we overcome the shack and strain of having left from 195 to 302 candidates.
When the national ranking of performance per subject, we are confident we shall present up to 10 subjects among the best performed. No doubt our traditionally well performed subjects such as French, Agriculture, Fine Art, Literature, Mathematics, ICT and Luganda will feature strongly.
Nine out of the fifteen subjects posted an average pass at distinction level, three subjects at credit 3 level and the last3 at credit 4 level.
We have put behind us the fear and enigma presented by Mathematics to many schools and especially gender mixed schools. 120 of our students passed mathematics at a distinction level and 175 at credit level, only 7 at pass level.
The school with a growing mind to nurturing and mentoring the boy child is on the path of reviving the performance of the boy child.
Increasingly the boys are posting better and stronger grades thanks to their improved self-discipline ans self-esteem. They have registered an average aggregate of 19 above that of girls of 22.8 aggregates.
This competitive spirit is a happy turn of events for our school and Ugandan parents.
Naggalama has competed well with schools of her caliber, whatever yardstick the media has used to analyze our UCE performance. Considering the qualitative passing 8 in 8(4 Students) 9 in 8 (4 Students) 10 and 11 (60 Students) making us number 4 countrywide.
We also amassed the biggest number of distinctions across subjects.
We give due honor to our parents and board members for the facilitation.
We give Glory and Honor to God for the blessing.
Discipline we succeed


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