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At last the much hipped about re-opening of schools phase by phase has happened. The social media rumoured it, hypothesised it, call it what you will! It was a hide and seek between government and the rest of the beneficiaries or shall we call them honourable stakeholders.
Most parents did not want to hear of it because the school was a death-trap for their children whom, they had stowed away in the presumed safe confines of home. Moreover they were financially recuperating from Covid 19 denials and financial injuries.
Students had looked forward to a dead year, hoping against hope that they would never be reminded of UNEB, a monster they were ill-prepared to confront in the near fore seen future.
The teachers wanted their constituency, the students, secured and salvaged and brought back to them from academic wilderness, maze and scavengers. Their teaching practice had nearly gone blunt and needed to sharpening to make it keen.
Everyone wanted the country to go in circles except the president who pronounced himself on the matter of schools re-opening. He would not go over his words. Indeed we needed to learn to live with the virus.
SOPs were adopted and operationalized. Schools had to show their preparedness to thwart the threat of corona virus and go on with their business of learning in the usual or traditional school environment notwithstanding the circumstances of their abrupt departure mid-march this year.
Some parents wanted their fees paid and not fully used by the schools refunded! And schools want their unsettled fees paid. Two parties chasing the academic welfare of the child disagreeing. Sooner or later they will agree to disagree. They do not know how to place a quarrel ever. They are birds of a feather.
So the day came on 15th October. The children (candidates) trooped in droves. The parents who had sworn to keep their children home until Covid19 is over let them off their hooks to join their peers for their common good leaving the Almighty God to oversee their welfare.
The arrival was not usual. It was new norms all over, no hugging, no hand shaking, no intimate conversation but only the academic dagger hanging over their heads-seemingly a sad affair isn’t it?
But time is the best healer. Meanwhile the masks gag us. With the shield on, the teacher can hardly see or read. With the cloth masks the teacher and the pupils are striving to be audible. Some need to be prompted to keep them on. Yet others forget that like mobile phones they ought to be up and on.
The social distance is un African but keep we must! It is a new norm. Don’t find it abnormal. It is life and death.
However so far so good. Somehow we survive the inconvenience and we shall get used to it.
Disciplined we shall keep our masks on and right.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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