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Music Dance and Drama Competitions 2020

Kiganda dance
MUSIC DANCE AND DRAMA – A growing niche at St. Joseph`s Naggalama
It is trendy to be associated with music at St. Joseph`s SS Naggalama. Everybody is getting jiggy and melodious or do I mean musical at this great music house Naggalama!!
Music is on a time table learnt off the solofas and stuff notations. Ah I remember our beloved, Lord Bishop struck the note on the school brass band and it has since arrested the interest of each and every member of Naggalama who is music tropic.
Music Dance and drama is on the school`s year planner – an annual inter-house festival!!
The trophies and bulls are hotly competed for by the houses – St. Mbaaga, St. Kizito, St Augustine, St. Jude and St. Cyprian.
The stakeholders of the school- the Board of Governors and Parents and even the students are fully aware of various benefits of Music Dance and Drama. These performing Arts put food on one’s table, develop the lucrative talents of the learners. They become creative and pass their time leisure productively. And so the management has invested heavily in it.
The festival held last Sunday 8th March took MDD to a greater heights here at the school. The scores between houses had marginal differences. One house would excel in one item while the other would turn table in yet another.
However there had to be winners and losers. St. Mbaaga took the day to the chagrin of their rivals like St. Jude and St. Augustine.
Last year 2019 St. Jude was the overall winner, 2018 it was St. Augustine. It looks like the winners of the year basking too much in the glory of winning that they are easily dislodged the following year.
This year the houses competed in Cultural dance, set piece, poem recitation and plays. My dear the houses agreed to share the spoils: St. Kizito scooping 88 points took the set piece, Mbaaga at 80 points took the play, while Mbaaga scored 90 points to chinch the top poem award and Augustine grabbed the cultural dance prize.
Something was unique in this festival. The set piece was the school`s anthem. We discovered the anthem had a new tune, or neovocalisation. Possibly this was the ideal and appropriate tune. Those that knew how to read music better produced it. It raised eyebrows but who are we to say No. Or it is time we `returned` our anthem to a less choking one!!
St. Joseph`s Naggalama has found a niche in academics, MDD & sports. The students say ` We do not sit on the fence and watch events happen; we are always the lead participants; and for us the sky is the destiny not the limit; they assert.
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