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Tribute to Mr.Lwanga
A TRIBUTE TO UNSUNG HERO. In James we lost critical eye. James you went with your large heart. Open was your soul and spirit to read from. That you left us yearning for more of you. But you are no more in body. You have remained lodging in our sweet memories

Oh James we remember your husky voice!
Voice of candour and voice of passion for your
School and for your eager leaners
In your purposeful walk we saw you
We saw the rush to interact with your learners
Sub-maths was your main stay, your pet subject.

We may say death is a bad reaper!!
Yet we believe death is the gateway to heaven.
When death takes a close friend like James
We feel bereaved and we think death is unkind
But in death God`s will is done.

James rest in peace
You conquered death
You merely slept
And you are still with us in spirit


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