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Senior One 2020 Arrival

Senior One 2020 Arrival

Yet another batch of our juniors have come, they are here. Senior One students knocked at our doors the other day. Arriving in droves, not like the notorious yellow locusts in the Far East. But like the three wise men with a purpose. The blank faces, the empty curious hearts to be filled by Naggalama wealthy environ of knowledge, skills and values. The big brothers and sisters in S2, S3 etc. acted as their guides, keepers and early orientation force. They at once felt at home, home away from home. Like Alice and David at wonderland they Freshly arrived juveniles saw ready warm faces of welcome and support from elderly members of the family.

Written on the walls of their faces was their carrier destiny – “I will be here, I shall follow the footpaths of my predecessors, I shall excel because I have heard and learnt that Naggalama St. Joseph has the culture of exceling in all spheres of learning”.
Above these guys are hurriedly and eagerly settling down for the next four or so years.
The Lord is my shepherd
St. Joseph my guardian
The other students are my keepers and companions
I shall not want.
I shall continue to drink from the blocks of knowledge of Naggalama
So help me God.
This is their ambition and focus.
Disciplined we succeed so is the path they will emulate.
Senior One welcome to the school of your dream.
Success abound!!!


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